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Friday 8 January, 6.30-9pm

Guest Projects space

Opening night performances by Adrian Lee and Harold Offeh.

Adrian Lee, All Marble Crew, performance at Covent Garden Opera house, London, 2009. Courtesy the artist.  
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Saturday 30 January

Guest Projects space

Some people, some artists, just don't fit in. A panel discussion followed by an evening of performances on the theme of art as scapegoat, artists as scapegoats.

Panel discussion with Mark McGowan, Dave Beech and Laura Oldfield Ford.


Performances including....Liliana Santos, Chiara Mu, Brian Catling, O.B. de Alessi, Charlie Fox, Andy Zapp, Aaron Barschak, Raul Pina Perez, Simon Ould, Alex Fear, Vicky Gold, Brian 'Dawn' Chalkey, Robin Bale, Vanessa Mitter, Micalef, Max Love, Calum F Kerr, Laura Oldfield Ford, Mister Solo, Mark Reeves, Alexis Milne, Jack Catling, Deej Fabye, Rhiannon Armstrong, Richard DeDomenici, Liam Scully, Andrew Cooper, Rachel House, Jo David, Marco, Paul Saliosky, Kate Wiggs, Ula Daierling, Frog Morris, Liam Herne, Bryn Phillips and the Scottish Weirdo's.

Mark McGowan, press cutting from the Southwark News, October, 2007. Courtesy the artist.  

Thursday 4 February, 6-9.30pm

Guest Projects space

Late night opening for Time Out First Thursday with an intervention by boyleANDshaw.

boyleANDshaw, Dynamite Fighter, performance at GSK Contemporary at the Royal Academy, London, November 2008. Courtesy the artists.  

Sunday 21 February, 3pm

Meet at Guest Projects space

For the last day of Scapegoat Society Mark Wayman performs a new site specific work,disrupting perceptions and revisioning the mundane.

Followed by an artist talk by Rod Dickinson at 5pm (see below) at Guest Projects and closing drinks.


Mark Wayman, The Enterprise, performance at Deptford Creek, London, 2008. Courtesy the artist.  
artist talks

Thursday 21 January, 7pm

The Showroom, 63 Penfold Street, NW8

Rainer Ganahl: Artist's talk

Rainer Ganahl was born in Bludenz, Austria, and currently lives and works in New York. Since the 1990s his work has focused on the deconstrution of language, particularly in the context of politics, society and the media. As part of his artistic practice he has learned Japanese, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Italian.

Ganahl has exhibited internationally including the Shanghai Biennale (2008); Istanbul Biennial (2007); and Whitney Museum on American Art, New York (2007). Recent solo exhibitions include The Apprentice in the Sun, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007) and Road To War, Museum of Modern Art, MUMOK, Vienna (2005).


Rainer Ganahl, Homeland Security I-V, 2003. Courtesy the artist.


21 February 2010, 5pm

Guest Projects space

Rod Dickinson: Artist's talk

Artist and lecturer Rod Dickinson was born in 1965 in the UK. His works often combines live event with video installation and explore ideas around belief systems and social control. Meticulously reconstructing historic events through painstaking research, Dickinson’s subjects include crop circles, the Waco Siege of 1993, Jonestown Mass Suicide of 1978.

Exhibitions include Performing Evidence, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam (2009); The Return of Religion and Other Myths, BAK, Utrecht (2008); History Will Repeat Itself, Kunst-Werke Insititute for Contemporay Art, Berlin (2007); Greenwich Degree Zero Life, Beaconsfield, London (2006); and Once More, Witte de With, Rotterdam (2005).

Rod Dickinson (in collabotarion with Graeme Edler and Steve Rushton),
The Milgram Re-Enactment, 2002. Courtesy the artist.




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